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How to Play

Watch the Video

For those of you who always preferred the movie to the book, check out the one-minute video version of the game.

The Short Version

1. Play as many cards as you can on any pile marked “GO!” (including your own) when your screen says “GO!”

2. You can play a card 1 value higher or lower than the card on the top of the pile. And values wrap, meaning you can play a 0 on a 5 or a 5 on a 0.

3. Keep up to 5 cards in your hand at a time.

4. Zeros are damage. Avoid them! Give them to your rivals!

5. You can play on any pile once you’ve finished a shockwave until all players have finished.

6. Return illegally played cards to the top of the offending player’s Play Pile, face down. Face down cards count as a 0.

7. When you’ve played all your cards, tap the button in the middle of your screen. The sooner you go out, the morepoints you get!

The Slightly-Less-Short Version


1. Shuffle and deal

Evenly distribute the entire deck between the players. The app will tell you how many cards to give each person based on the number of players in the game for more efficient dealing. Set aside any remaining cards.

Example of game setup

2. Set up battle stations

Each player then deals themselves five (5) cards for their hand and places one one card face-up in front of their phone in the middle of the table for their Play Pile. Set the rest face-down as a Draw Pile.

3. Launch!

Press the Launch button in the app when you’re ready (I don't think you're ready).


Play on GO!

When your screen says GO!, play on any pile next to a phone marked “GO!” (including your own). Sit tight if your screen says HOLD! or is empty. Cards played out of turn, or on other player’s piles that say HOLD! are illegal (see ILLEGAL PLAYS/PAYBACK).

Diagram of which cards can be played on which

Valid Plays

You can play a card 1 value higher or lower than the card on the top of the pile (eg. you can play a 2 or a 4 on a 3). Also, values wrap, meaning you can play a 0 on a 5 or a 5 on a 0.

Keep Drawing

You can always have up to five (5) cards in your hand, so draw from your Draw Pile whenever you need more cards.

Example of what a 0 looks like

Zeros are Damage

Cards marked “0” are counted as negative points at the end of the round, so try to play them on other players’ piles and keep your pile as far from 0 as you can.

Getting Stuck/Quick draw

If all players are stuck with no valid moves available (eg. all piles show a 3, and no one can play), pause the game then tap RESUME. At the end of the countdown, all remaining players play any single card from their hand on their own pile. After that, play commences as normal.


Shockwaves are randomly occurring mini-games that force players to race against each other on their devices. Play quick! Players that finish early can play on any pile until the shockwave is over.

Example of playing a payback card

Illegal plays/payback

Cards played out of turn, or on a pile marked HOLD!, or wrong cards played on a pile (eg. someone plays a 4 on a 1) are illegal. These misplayed cards should be quickly returned to the offending player by placing it on top of their Play Pile, face-down. Face-down cards should be treated as a 0, meaning the next card played on that pile should be a 1 or a 5. At the end of the round, face-down cards are also counted as damage.


When only two players are left in a game, those players enter "Showdown" mode: Turns are sped up, shockwaves become more common, and players are instructed to play cards between turns. During these between-turn moments, players can play ANY SINGLE card they want on whatever pile the app dictates, regardless of what's currently on top of the pile.

Going out

When you’ve played all the cards from your Draw Pile and your hand, tap the middle of your screen to indicate you’re done. The sooner you go out, the more points you get!

Once all players are finished, the app will ask players to count damage taken (their 0 cards), points will be tallied, and gloating will commence.


The player with the most SPACE POINTS at the end of 10 rounds is the coolest and wins the game.